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Farewell to smarm -- SOTU '08

Farewell to smarm -- SOTU '08
It was a night of vintage George W. Bush -- which is to say he was arrogant, alarmist, petty, presumptuous, preposterous, predictable, pompous, bombastic, belligerent, bellicose, dogmatic, defensive, delusional, disingenuous, duplicitous, self-righteous, swaggering, stammering, smug, smarmy, irrational, illogical, impervious, insincere, manipulative, maudlin, far-fetched, taunting, threatening, intellectually bankrupt, ethically bereft, factually impoverished, jingoistic and awful. He gave a performance for the ages and the ages will neither forgive nor forget him for it.

On the up side, so what? There's no longer any need to go after this clown on a lie-by-lie basis. Everyone know he's a joke. Everyone knows there's no salvaging his shit-encrusted name. Everyone knows that nothing will ever remove all the blood from his grimy hands. So the State of the Union is over and so is George W. Bush. Wiggle off into the sunset, you crooked little maggot.
Farewell to smarm-- SOTU '08


JSNSaturday, February 2nd 2008 9:43PM

I think it required more. I can't see the order of the adjectives. It certainly wasn't rhythmic or alliterative, and I don't think it flowed well when I read it. Were they in order of importance or relevance, or (as I suspect) somewhat thrown together in the order you thought of it.

Sorry to be critical, I really liked it.

Radio HeadSaturday, February 2nd 2008 3:44PM

What does it say about our country that Bush is incandescent with arrogance, smugness and ignorance--radiating smarm like a lighthouse beacon--yet a third of the entire population either admires or doesn't see it?  Those seeking meaningful change must have strategies for neutralizing a sizable crop of sadists and semi-autistics.


iSaturday, February 2nd 2008 2:19PM

Jeez, Barry
I hope you saved something in case the Bush family asks you to speak at the funeral years from now.

LindaFriday, February 1st 2008 11:33PM

I admire your vocabulary.  

jrosenFriday, February 1st 2008 3:39PM

There is an exception to every rule...the rule: not too many adjectives. A masterly, dar I say, nearly Churchillian transgression.    


"Fair and Balanced" DaveFriday, February 1st 2008 3:26PM

Wiggle off into the sunset, you crooked little maggot.

...and take Cheney with you!

KenFriday, February 1st 2008 10:50AM

Gee, Barry...tell us how you really feel!

Loved it. I've sent the link to everyone I know. It'd be nice to think it would annoy some of my Bush-supporting friends, but it won't. I don't have any of those anymore - they've all turned against him. Too bad it was seven years too late.

hapkidokidFriday, February 1st 2008 9:48AM

God, i can't read this enough.  Really puts a smile on my face.  well done sir.


BillFriday, February 1st 2008 7:56AM

Why the thick sugar-coating?

millsFriday, February 1st 2008 7:15AM

You NAILED it!

RogerFriday, February 1st 2008 1:32AM

That adjectival string is magnificent!