Just 94 years 'til the 100th anniversary of his death!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just 94 years 'til the 100th anniversary of his death!


Steven F. WayneSaturday, April 23rd 2011 10:25PM

He was a Swine who should have had his day before the World Court for Crimes Against Humanity. He and thatcher... the dregs of our species.

Reagan was a mole for an alien overlordTuesday, March 8th 2011 7:02AM

Reagan was my hero before I was born. Is that why he was granted Sainthood?

CRay (again)Tuesday, March 1st 2011 12:13PM

"Mr. Crimmins, Pull My Finger"


CRayTuesday, February 8th 2011 11:18AM

Good ol' Ronny. The president voted most likely to have his head crack open and a prize fall out.

JTDTuesday, February 8th 2011 10:45AM

Photo Caption - "A rare photo of Ronald Reagan impersonating his co-star, Bonzo"

davidlyMonday, February 7th 2011 5:08PM

Brilliant!  (of course, Raygun was the lackey, though)


David RothmanSunday, February 6th 2011 1:51PM

I put the thrill back in flying..........