Sanity Returns to NYC! TONIGHT!

Sanity Returns to NYC! TONIGHT!

Artwork by the great Paul Kozlowski

On Saturday, Nov 19 Barry will lead an all-star cast into Percy's Tavern in NYC's fabled lower east side for the first Satire For Sanity show since its unforgettable 2004-2006 run at Rocky Sullivan's. A big turnout will mean more dates at this fabulous location so we kindly beg your patronage.

With new added poster from Paul Kozlowski! Pick one and pass it around!
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Mike QSaturday, November 19th 2011 1:22PM

I'll miss this one, but maybe we can get you back at Johnny D's for another political "Year in Review."  Thanks for posting your remarks at the Bill Morrissey tribute.  Working across the street from the theater, I heard people talk about how moved they were by your words.  It was great to have you sitting at the bar once again.  Come back to Boston more often.

davidlySaturday, November 5th 2011 9:53AM

Though I'll be missing it, I am thrilled to know you're doing it. Break all their legs!